chemex hotplate

Chemex Hot Plate

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If you love coffee, you probably never stop looking for new methods to improve your home brewing setup. The Chemex hot plate is one appliance that has recently become more well-liked.

Your Chemex coffee maker has a component that sits on top of it and heats the water inside, called a hot plate. This makes it possible to maintain a more constant temperature during the brewing process, which improves the flavor of the coffee.

Why Use a Chemex Hot Plate

why use a chemex hot plate

There are several reasons why brewing coffee on a Chemex hot plate can be preferable. First off, the hot plate aids in maintaining a constant water temperature throughout the brewing process. This is crucial since the water’s temperature greatly affects the flavor of the coffee. Too hot of a water temperature might cause the coffee beans to release harsh odors. Too-cold water won’t be able to extract enough flavor, making for a weak, flavorless cup of coffee.

Another advantage of using a Chemex hot plate is that it saves time. You don’t have to wait for the water to heat up when you use a hot plate. This means that you can complete the brewing process much more quickly. Furthermore, because the hot plate keeps the water warm, you won’t be required to add hot water throughout the brewing process continuously. This saves you time and energy while ensuring a consistent flavour from start to finish.

How to Set Up a Chemex Hot Plate

How to Set Up a Chemex Hot Plate

It is very simple and straightforward to set up a Chemex hot plate. The hot plate should be placed on a flat surface, such as a kitchen counter or table. Next, fill the Chemex coffee maker halfway with water and set it on the hot plate. Finally, plug in and turn on the hot plate. The hot plate should only take a few minutes to heat the water in the Chemex.

How to Use a Chemex Hot Plate

Setting up a Chemex hot plate is as simple as using it. It’s time to start brewing your coffee after the hot plate has heated the water in the Chemex. Pour the hot water over the coffee grounds in the Chemex. Pour the water evenly to ensure that all the grounds are saturated.

After that, let the coffee steep for a short while. You can change the time depending on the type of coffee you’re making and your taste preferences. Simply take the Chemex off the hot plate when the steeping period has passed, and brew yourself a great cup of coffee.


A Chemex hot plate is unquestionably something to consider if you’re searching for a straightforward solution to enhance your at-home coffee brewing setup. It’s a fantastic tool for any coffee lover because it can maintain the water temperature consistently, save time, and enhance the flavor of your coffee. So why not test it and see what you think?

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