costco decaf coffee discontinued

costco decaf coffee discontinued

Welcome, coffee drinkers! For those of you who prefer to sip decaf on the side, we have some unfortunate news. Yes, it appears that Costco, our preferred wholesaler, has discontinued carrying decaf coffee.

What is Decaf Coffee?

Decaf coffee is coffee that has had the majority of its caffeine removed for those of you who are new to the coffee scene. This is accomplished by soaking the beans in water and then removing the caffeine with a solvent. You can still enjoy the delicious taste of coffee without feeling jittery.

Is Decaf Coffee Better?

Is Decaf Coffee Better

That is, of course, subjective. Some people prefer decaf coffee because it allows them to drink it in the evenings or before bed without disrupting their sleep. Others believe that the decaffeination process degrades the taste and texture of coffee.

Where to Buy Decaf Coffee

Where to Buy Decaf Coffee

There are numerous other places to purchase decaf coffee. Decaf coffee is available at your local grocery store, coffee shop, or even online retailers. You don’t have to give up your decaf fix just because Costco has discontinued their decaf coffee.


To summarise, while it is unfortunate that Costco has discontinued their decaf coffee, there are still plenty of options available for us decaf enthusiasts. So don’t be concerned; simply obtain decaf coffee from another source and continue to enjoy your favourite beverage without the added caffeine.

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