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3 Reasons Espresso Machine Spraying Water

Coffee lovers long for that rich aroma and bold taste of a freshly brewed espresso. However, it can be a frustrating and messy experience when your espresso machine begins to spray water everywhere.

Spraying water is a common drawback with espresso machines which various reasons can cause. This blog post will examine the problems associated with water-spraying espresso machines and provide some tips and tricks on how to solve them.

Problems with Espresso Machines

Problems with Espresso Machines

A clogged or blocked water line is one of the most common causes of spraying water in an espresso machine. The buildup of minerals and coffee grinds can clog the water line over time, preventing the proper flow of water through the machine. This can result in water spraying out of the machine or even lead to overheating in the machine.

A leaky water tank is the second most common cause of spraying water in an espresso machine. Water can leak out of the tank into the machine if the water tank is not sealed correctly or the gasket is worn out. This can result in overheating of the machine and also cause water to spray out of the machine.

A malfunctioning pressure valve is a third cause of spraying water in an espresso machine. The pressure valve regulates the pressure of the water flowing through the machine. In a case where the pressure valve is not correctly working, water can flow through the machine at high pressure, causing an outburst of water from the machine.

How to Fix Your Espresso Machine

How to Fix Your Espresso Machine

There are a few things you can do to fix your espresso from spraying water. The first thing to consider is the water line for clogs or blockages. You can use a small brush or pipe cleaner to remove clogs if you find any. You should also check the water tank for leaks and ensure it is adequately sealed.

If the problem still persists after checking the water line and tank, you should consider checking the pressure valve. If the pressure valve is malfunctioning, you may need to replace it. If you’re uncomfortable working with the pressure valve, you should contact a professional to fix it.

The buildup of coffee grinds and mineral deposits is the last cause of spraying water in an espresso machine we will look at. Regularly cleaning and decalcifying is essential to prevent such buildup in the machine. Many machines come with a cleaning program. If not, you can use a descaler or vinegar solution to clean the machine.


Spraying water from an espresso machine can be a common and frustrating problem to deal with. As common as this issue is, it can be easily fixed by first identifying the cause of the problem and then taking steps to fix it by checking the water line, water tank, and pressure valve.

Regularly cleaning and decalcifying your machine is also important to prevent mineral buildup and clogs. With a little maintenance and care, your espresso machine will resume brewing delicious coffee in no time.

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