Profitec Pro 300 vs Lelit Mara X

Profitec Pro 300 vs Lelit Mara X

Profitec Pro 300 vs Lelit mara x, which is more powerful? Both products are used for ear care, and there are many differences that you need to be aware of while comparing them. They both have strong features, so reading through all the information is important.

Le Lit makes it possible for you to adjust your budget – it’s the best in class and gives you more freedom than ever before. But if you are looking for a product with everything, we suggest Profitec Pro 300. In this review, I will be looking at two of the most popular temperature-controlled brewers on the market today – the Profitec Pro 300 and Le Lit Mara X. 

What is the difference between Profitec pro 300 vs lelit mara x

What Is The Difference Between Profitec Pro 300 Vs Lelit Mara X

Lelit Mara X, the company, obviously follows its path. They use a lot of design features that I feel to be rather unusual from other Italian-made machines, even if their machines do have an appearance that is very similar to the classic E61 style.

The Rocket Appartamento appears to be Mara X’s major rival in this pricing range. Thanks to the opportunity to assess an apartment, I could cast some light on what would offer the best value.

The main difference between the two models is that the Leit Mara X has an integrated digital display, whereas the Pro 300 does not. This means you won’t have to dig through menus with buttons or knobs for your water temperature or other settings.

A few more products are also offered, including cleaning equipment, a backflush blind basket, single and double baskets, a water hardness test, etc. Lelit has begun utilizing IMS baskets, which is an amazing development. 

Although I believe very early machines did not, they have been offered for quite some time. These are top-of-the-line, precise baskets! IMS makes everything, even the backflush blind.

 With hotter temperatures and the loss of flavor, many specialty coffee drinkers find themselves frustrated when their favorite roast becomes too strong or bitter. 

New coffee drinkers ask one of the most common questions: “How do I get better coffee?” The answer isn’t always as obvious as you may think. 

Certainly, there are things like new tools and equipment to consider and purchasing new beans from a specialty roaster: but what about target temperature? The answer here lies in many different aspects, including how you prepare your grinds and at what temperature it’s being brewed.

Both are very popular products, but they have a few differences.

The first difference is that Leito Mara X has a more natural look than Pro 300. It also has a thicker layer of protection than Pro 300.

The second difference is that Leito Mara X is much more durable than Pro 300. It will last longer and hold up to more wear and tear.

Which one should you buy?

Both brands are good. The Pro 300 is a little bit lighter and better for travel, but the lelit mara x has the same build and design quality.

The lelit mara x is a little easier to use, but the pro 300 has a complete set of features.

I would say that if you want to use it for travel, go for the pro 300. If you want a complete set of features, go for the lelit mara x. 

What is the better brand?

We have to compare the Pro 300 with the Leit Mara X boiler espresso machine and see which one is better.

The Pro 300 is a very affordable espresso machine that makes great-tasting coffee. It is perfect for those who want their espresso maker to produce quality results but don’t want to spend a lot of money on it.

The Leit Mara X boiler espresso machine has a more expensive price tag but offers more features than other models in its class. This includes an adjustable steam valve and a thermo-block system that allows you to make milk froth at the touch of a button.

The LELIT MARA X is a high-quality steam boiler espresso machine. It can make espresso and cappuccino and has a touch screen control panel.

The Pro 300 is an Italian brand but is not very well known in North America. It’s a good value and has many features that the LELIT MARA X doesn’t have, including programmable buttons and pre-infusion capabilities.

If you want something more powerful than what the Lelit mara x can offer, we recommend going with the Pro 300. 

The Pro 300 is a great entry-level machine, but it’s not ideal for professional use. The Pro 300 has many features that aren’t necessary and can slow down the machine. 

The LeLit Mara X has more built-in safety features than the Pro 300, making it much more likely to handle any job you throw at it. It also has a much larger water tank, which means it will last longer between refills and won’t need frequent cleaning. This machine is also quieter than the Pro 300, making it easier to run around the house without waking anyone else in your house!

Pros of Lelit Mara X:

IMS baskets, a fantastic portafilter, and a top-notch precision tamper are excellent extras with the machine.

The machine is rather compact, which is great for folks who have small kitchens or don’t want a big espresso maker taking up valuable counter space. Additionally, the Mara X is short enough to fit underneath any typical kitchen cabinet.

The power chord is detachable, which may not seem like a major problem, but it comes in handy when cleaning the area surrounding your machine or, if you’d prefer, buying a shorter cord. If you do this, be sure to purchase the appropriate wire size.

Cons of Lelit Mara X:

Compared to other machines, Lelit sheet metal is extremely thin and flimsy.

I don’t like the metal bar/grill style drip tray or cup rack since they are difficult to remove and replace, especially when they are full. 

My impression is that it is bouncy, and when I removed my drip tray from the box, it did not fit flatly.

Using the PID, you must select between brew temperature priority and steam temperature priority. There is no escaping the fact that this is an HX machine.

Simply said, the hot water wand is blocking the way. I had hoped it would fit more neatly next to the grouphead lever, but it doesn’t.

Which is more expensive?

 The Leit Mara X is a great boiler, and the Pro 300 is a great espresso machine. Both are good quality. It all depends on your needs and budget.

The Leit Mara X is a bit more expensive than the Pro 300, but it’s still affordable for most consumers. The Pro 300 is more affordable, but if you can afford it, go for it because it will make your coffee taste better!

Don’t Buy The Profitec Pro 300 If…

You must prepare many drinks: The Profitec Pro 300 offers sufficient capacity for a typical household. Before it needs a break, it can easily make 4 or 5 lattes in a row. However, if you want to consistently produce more, something with a higher volume capability will likely be more beneficial. The time savings will more than makeup for the slight price increase.

Consider the Profitec 700, the company’s largest twin boiler machine, or choose the Profitec Pro 500, a heat exchanger that costs less and now has a PID for better temperature control.

You like things to feel more traditional: The Pro 300 has a contemporary, clean appearance. You’re lucky if that’s not your style because the brand has several fantastic models with a more retro vibe.

Check out the Profitec 800, a vintage lever machine with contemporary twists if you want a taste of the past. Or, check out the Pro 600 if you prefer the appearance of the E61 group head. It is a small dual boiler espresso machine like the Pro 300, but it also features the E61 group, a larger steam boiler, and the flow control option.

You don’t care about milky beverages: If you prefer drinking pure espresso to a latte or cappuccino, you might choose an espresso machine with a single boiler. Without compromising on quality, this will significantly reduce expenditures. If you’re interested in specialty coffee, just be sure to look for one that still has a PID.


The Profitec Pro 300 is a wonderful choice if you want to switch to a dual-boiler espresso machine but don’t have the room or money for one of the more expensive models. It has excellent features, including PID temperature control, a manometer, and a shot timer, while being exceedingly small and reasonably priced.

This machine will satisfy your demands and provide amazing value as long as you aren’t creating a lot of consecutive lattes.

The advantage of the Leit Mara X over the Pro 300 is that it’s easier to clean. The filter screen, basket and warming plate all sit on a removable deck that’s easy to clean in the sink. The Pro 300 has all these components built into its base unit, so cleaning them can be a hassle (not to mention time-consuming).

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