How many shots is in long black

how many shots in long black

Welcome coffee lovers! I’m pleased to discuss Long Black today, a popular classic coffee-based beverage. A Long Black is a simple yet satisfying coffee drink that is perfect for coffee lovers who prefer a strong and bold coffee flavor with espresso double shots. The Long Black is made simply with two main ingredients: freshly brewed espresso and hot water. It is pretty simple and straightforward coffee drink that is perfect for those who want to enjoy the full flavor of their coffee without any added flavors or sweetness. When you get your first long black coffee order, you will be shocked without a doubt to discover that the term completely misrepresents what the size of the coffee truly contains.

The Ingredients in a Long Black:

To make a classic Long Black, you will only need:

  • 2 shots or doubled of freshly brewed espresso
  • Hot water

How to Make a Long Black

How to make a long black

You just need a few straightforward ingredients and the right tools to make a Long Black, and it’s easy to make. An espresso machine, freshly ground coffee beans, and a cup are necessary to prepare a Long Black.

Start by brewing your double shot espresso. For the finest flavor, make sure your espresso is freshly made.

  • Fill your cup with hot water.
  • Over the boiling water, pour the newly brewed espresso and that is it!

The Advantages of a Long Black

Advantages of long black

There are many merits of drinking a Long Black coffee. Here are just a few:

Strong and bold flavor: The Long Black is made with just two ingredients – double shot espresso and hot water. This means that the full flavor of the coffee is able to shine through, giving you a strong and bold coffee flavor.

No added sweetness or flavors: The Long Black is the ideal option for individuals who want their coffee without any tastes or sweetness. Having their coffee without any additional aromas or sweetness to cover it up, the full flavor of the coffee is allowed to show forth.

Easy to make: The Long Black is a straightforward and uncomplicated coffee beverage that is simple to prepare. You only need an espresso maker, freshly ground coffee, and a cup to get started.


In closing, the Long Black is a renowned and adored coffee-based beverage. It is the ideal coffee beverage for those who love a robust and rich coffee flavor because it is straightforward yet strong. You can make a Long Black in the comfort of your home or wherever with only two materials and a few basic tools. So, why not give making a Long Black coffee a try today and experience the bold and full flavor that everyone loves!

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