Lelit Bianca vs Profitec Pro 700

Lelit Bianca Vs Profitec Pro 700

The Profitec Pro 700 is a great budget option, while the Lelit Bianca is an excellent mid-range option. Although both machines are simple to use and manage, you should be aware of some of their distinctions before choosing one over the other.

Here we explore these differences in more detail, so you can make an informed purchase decision when comparing these products.

The Profitec Pro 700 is an automatic drip machine that uses an aluminum cone filter to bring water through the grounds and into a carafe. This allows you to choose exactly how strong your coffee will be and how much water you want in your drink at any given time.

The Lelit Bianca uses similar technology but also has a pause button on its side, so you can pause your brewing process at any moment. In addition, both machines have LED lights on their sides so you can tell when it’s ready to pour your hot beverage!

Who is Lelit Bianca the most useful for?

Who is Lelit Bianca the most useful for?

Lelit Bianca coffee maker is the most useful for those who like to brew delicious coffee at home. The device is composed of high-quality components and is simple to operate. In addition, it comes with a user manual, which will help you learn how to use the coffee maker properly.

The machine has an advanced design that allows you to make different types of coffee at once. In addition, you can choose between single cup and carafe models, depending on your needs. Lelit Bianca also has a water filter system that removes impurities from tap water before brewing your favorite drink.

Lelit Bianca is a coffee maker with a simple and elegant design that fits any kitchen. This model’s primary quality is its simplicity. It only has a few buttons on the front panel, allowing you to control the brewing process without reading the manual.

The price of Lelit Bianca is quite affordable for a coffee maker of this quality. In addition, the manufacturer offers a warranty period of 2 years, which means that you can get it repaired if something goes wrong with it during this time period.

If you don’t like coffee but still want to make some at home, This model’s primary quality is its simplicity.

Is Lelit Bianca worth it?

Don’t purchase The Bianca If…

Flow profiling doesn’t interest you: There is no use in paying for flow profiling capabilities if you are not interested in them. Instead, look at the Lelit Elizabeth, which has two boilers, or the Lelit Mara, which has a heat exchanger. Additionally, excellent choices include the heat-exchanger-equipped Rocket Giotto Evolutione and Appartamento.

You need something for business purposes: Perhaps you’re purchasing a prosumer machine intending to open a small catering company or cafe. You’ll require something NSF-rated for commercial use in that situation. Think about the GS3 or Linea Mini from La Marzocco.

You don’t frequently create milky beverages: If lattes aren’t your thing, a double boiler may not be necessary. Excellent single-boiler espresso machines from Lelit include Victoria and Kate. Both include an integrated grinder. Consider a lever machine like the La Pavoni Professional if you still wish to experiment with flow profiling.

What is the Profitec Pro like to use?

What is the Profitec Pro like to use?

The Profitec Pro 700 is a very good coffee maker but isn’t as good as the Lelit Bianca. This is because the Profitec Pro doesn’t have any temperature control and only has one cup setting. Some users have expressed frustration that the machine doesn’t heat enough to brew coffee at the lower temperature settings, so you will have to experiment with your water temperature if you want to get the best results from this unit.

The Profitec Pro 700 has a lot of features and can be programmed for different time periods, but because of its small size, it may take up too much counter space if you use it every day. However, this might be ideal for you if you have limited counter space and want a small machine that makes excellent espresso drinks and cappuccinos.

 The Profitec Pro 700 is an excellent coffee maker. It makes a cup of coffee in less than two minutes and has a built-in water filter that removes chlorine and sediment from water, so you don’t need to buy paper filters or bottled water when traveling abroad.

The machine has a generous capacity of up to seven cups, so you can make one or two cups at a time. You can also make larger pots of coffee on demand if you’re making it for an entire family or office crew.

In addition to the standard features of most coffee machines, this model includes a timer function that lets you set it up so that coffee will be ready by the time you get out of work or school each day.

Lelit Bianca vs. Profitec Pro 700

We chose to conduct a side-by-side comparison of the Profitec Pro 700 and Lelit Bianca. These two dual-boiler espresso machines are marketed at a comparable price in the U.S. market in response to several content requests from some of our most ardent clients.

Along with a few significant variations, both machines have high-end features like E61 group flow control, a PID, a rotary pump, and piped or reservoir operation. We believe our consumers must comprehend these parallels and discrepancies so they can choose between the two machines with the best knowledge available.

For this comparison, we chose to focus on elements like specs, fasteners, external fit and finish, flow control, internals, and plumbing that are simple to ignore from a distance but more visible up close.

Please be aware that the Lelit Bianca is not currently available from Whole Latte Love. We acquired a unit after receiving several customer requests in order to deliver the most.

Running at a maximum pressure of roughly 2.3 bar in the steam boiler gives the Bianca a minor advantage, but you might prefer a larger boiler to the. a pressure difference of 3 bars. Additionally, Bianca’s water tank is.5 liters bigger than the Pro 700’s.

Both devices come equipped with a real tamper and a drip tray cup riser. In addition, the Bianca includes a triple basket, a bottomless portafilter, and an extra steam tip.

The Pro 700 has a three-year warranty if purchased from Whole Latte Love. Although we don’t presently stock the Bianca, depending on where it was purchased, the warranty might last up to three years.


The fasteners that hold these machines together, such as bolts, screws, and attachments, may not seem all that significant to some people. But they are to us! Particularly when producers attempt to reduce savings, the components utilized reveal a lot about overall quality.

In this way, the Pro 700 and Bianca are poles apart. The Pro 700 features premium Allen head screws that fit into metal nuts that are fixed in place. The outer case can be removed by removing the screws along the bottom and the four screws on the top, which hold the top.

To remove the case of Bianca, we counted 17 average-quality Phillips head screws—11 on top and six on the bottom. It’s also important to note that several screws are used to fasten plastic. That plastic can eventually start to peel off.

Direct screw insertion into plastic is more suitable for the kind of construction seen in equipment made by artisans that are intended to last and be serviced for decades rather than the kind of construction commonly employed to reduce costs in assembly-line production.

Is Profitec Pro worth it?

Profitec Pro is a more expensive coffee maker than the Lelit Bianca. But it offers some key advantages that may make it worth your money.

The first advantage of the Profitec Pro is its ability to brew cold brew coffee. This technique is particularly popular in Europe, where there’s a whole movement around this type of coffee.

Cold brewing has also become more popular in recent years, especially as more people are starting to use their own cups instead of buying them from cafes or restaurants.

Cold-brew coffee uses less water than regular drip coffee and produces a stronger flavor with less bitterness. Additionally, it can be used to create iced coffee drinks that cool on warm days. If you’re new to making cold brew at home, check out our guide to cold-brewing your own coffee here!

The second benefit of the Profitec Pro is that it’s a single-serve brewer with an integrated frother. Unfortunately, the Lelit Bianca has separate parts for making hot and cold drinks, meaning you have to buy each separately if you want both hot and cold options.


The Lelit Bianca, in my opinion, is one of the most affordable home espresso machines available. Even though the twin boiler machine is already beautiful and well-made, the addition of manual flow profiling elevates it.

Give this one a close look if you’re looking for an espresso machine that can accompany you as you advance from novice to expert. You won’t be let down.

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