why does coffee smell like weed

why does coffee smell like weed

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If you’ve ever entered a coffee shop and smelled something familiar, you might have wondered why coffee smells so similar to cannabis. Coffee frequently has a peculiar aroma that is similar to that of cannabis, but why is this the case?

In this article, we’ll examine the chemistry of cannabis and coffee to discover why their scents are similar.

The Chemical Similarities

Both coffee and marijuana are sophisticated plants that contain a wide range of ingredients that contribute to their distinctive aromas. Terpenes are one of the most important common elements. Organic substances called terpenes are what give plants their distinctive smells and scents. While the terpene types in coffee and cannabis are different, some of them are shared, which might account for the similarities in fragrances.

The Roasting Process

One of the most important steps in manufacturing coffee is roasting, which may also contribute to the potent aroma. Coffee beans go through a chemical shift that alters their makeup during roasting. High-temperature roasting of the beans results in the release of volatile chemicals that add to the coffee’s aroma. Terpenes are among these volatile substances, and as we just established, cannabis also contains terpenes. Because of this, it’s possible that some of the terpenes generated during roasting are similar to those in cannabis and hence contribute to the fragrances.

The Brewing Process

Another possible cause of the smells being similar is the way coffee is brewed. The release of volatile molecules that contribute to the scent occurs as hot water is poured over the coffee grounds. These substances may also contain terpenes related to those in cannabis, which would further add to the aroma’s recognizability.


We know that both coffee and weed contain a range of volatile substances, including terpenes, but it’s unclear why exactly coffee smells like weed. These molecules may be released during the roasting and brewing of coffee, giving off the distinctive aroma that we associate with both plants.

The diversity of the fragrances and flavors of both plants can be better appreciated if we are aware of the chemical similarities between coffee and cannabis. So you’ll know it’s not just your imagination the next time you’re drinking your coffee and you smell something that reminds you of your favorite marijuana strain.

Q: Why does coffee sometimes smell like weed?

A: Terpenes, which are organic substances that give coffee and cannabis their distinctive scents, are present in both. Some of the terpenes found in the two plants may be the cause of the identical scent.

Q: Is there THC in coffee that makes it smell like weed?

A: The psychoactive component of cannabis, THC, is not present in coffee. The existence of comparable terpenes accounts for the similarity in fragrance.

Q: Does the roasting process affect the smell of coffee?

A: Absolutely, the chemical changes that take place during roasting cause the composition of coffee beans to change. High temperature roasting of the beans results in the release of volatile chemicals that add to the coffee’s aroma.

Q: Does the brewing process affect the smell of coffee?

A: Yes, volatile substances usually add to the coffee’s aroma which is released during the brewing process.

Q: Is it normal for coffee to smell like weed?

A: While not all coffee will smell like weed, it’s normal for coffee to have a similar smell because shared terpenes are present.

Q: Does the type of coffee affect the aroma?

A: Yes, the type of coffee beans used and their place of origin might impact the coffee’s aroma. The final coffee aroma can also be impacted by the roasting and brewing processes.

Q: Can I make my coffee smell more like weed?

A: While it’s not advised to add anything to your coffee that isn’t meant for human consumption, experimenting with various coffee varieties and brewing techniques may help to improve the coffee’s aroma. However, it is not advised to do this.

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