What Is A Long Black Coffee

What Is A Long Black Coffee?

If you live in Australia then chances are that you have seen the term ‘long black’ on the menu of your local café or coffee shop. It is commonly used by cafes and coffee shops across the country to describe a cup of coffee with no milk at all. If you are from another country like America or England, however, then you should probably keep reading to figure out what a long black is, especially if you passing through Brisbane — one of the friendliest cities in Australia according to Nomad List — and want to know what to order!

The long black is a traditional Australian coffee that differs from the espresso you may be used to. In Australia today, the long black is also known by the colloquial term of “flat white” — and is often found at cafes in the place of cappuccinos. However, this article explores where the name of this coffee comes from, as well as how it differs from espresso-based coffee. We also look at where you can find out more about this popular bean brew.

The long black is a classic Australian (and Melbournian) coffee. The long black, also known as a flat white or short black, is a staple of Melbourne’s cafe scene. It’s the perfect combination of strong and creamy, with the added bonus of being a lot stronger than your average latte. In fact, it’s so popular that you can now get one in New York, London, LA, and even Dubai.

A long black is made with espresso and hot water – no milky foam, no steamed milk. The color of a long black is often somewhere between brown and black – but always strong and intense and never light or milky.

A long black requires two ingredients: espresso and hot water. The ratio of the two ingredients will vary depending on how you like your long black to taste. Some people like their long blacks strong while others prefer them weak and milky – there really is no right or wrong amount of each ingredient to use!

To make a cup of long black coffee you’ll need an espresso shot (30ml), hot water (200ml), and a cup (250ml).

Taste-wise, a long black coffee is not too far from an espresso. It has full flavors and a good mouthfeel, but it does not have that strong aroma. This means that you need to add sugar and milk to this type of coffee to make it palatable.

However, one thing that makes a long black different from espresso is the color of its crema layer. While espresso shots have brownish crema layers, long blacks have dark brown crema. This is because the latter has less oil content than the former.

Why is it called a long black coffee?

Why is it called a long black coffee

In Australia, a number of names are used to describe a flat white, such as short black and flat white. If you’re from New Zealand, you might call it a long black. In the United States, it’s called a mocha or latte. In Canada, it’s known as a café au lait. But what about the UK? There, I would suggest that most people know this coffee by its more common name: long black. Why is that the case? Well, here’s the story behind it.

In Europe, an espresso is always a small drink. In Australia, there’s a very strong tendency to call an espresso a long black, because that’s what you’re getting: a long black coffee.

Taller drinks are referred to as mediums, and the biggest drink available is usually called short red-eye.

But when coffee in Australia is made with an Americano-style filter, the word “espresso” is used to indicate the long black coffee. So, if you’ve ordered an Americano in Australia, you’ll get the same thing as if you’d ordered what we call here a long black – hot water over crushed coffee grounds in a cup.

So why do Australians order long blacks and not just blacks? If you don’t mind your coffee being professionally made in a barista-style way by a barista, then go for it! 

Long black coffee tastes pretty good, and it can become addicting if you like your coffee strong and flavorful. The addition of hot water makes the tiniest bit of difference in how much flavor you get out of your drink, but if you mix it up just right there will be no difference at all in taste.

The amount of caffeine in this type of drink depends on how much espresso was used to make the drink and how much hot water was mixed in with the espresso shot. A small amount of caffeine would be around 100 mg, while a high amount would be around 150 mg.

There’s nothing special you have to do to enjoy this kind of coffee other than adding hot water and drinking it. If you don’t want.

What is the difference between long black and black coffee?

What is the difference between long black and black coffee

The answer comes down to the way they’re made.

A long black is made with a filter, while black coffee is made with a fine metal filter.

In Australia, we use small paper filters that are placed into the cup or glass. The cup or glass is then filled with hot water, which passes through the filter and finally collects in the cup. This form of coffee is called a ‘long black’ because it looks like a long drink when it’s prepared.

Although, the long black and other variations were invented in the early 1900s to get around tax laws governing sales of coffee in Australia. Until 1901 all servings of coffee were considered by the government as two servings: a cup of coffee and a serving of milk. So if you ordered a cup of coffee you had to pay double tax. To get around this taxation issue, cafes started serving their coffees in tall glasses, calling them “long blacks” so that they would be listed on their café menus as just one item.

A ‘black coffee’ has finer metal filters and requires more preparation time than a ‘long black’. It’s commonly just called a ‘black’, and is served in small cups without any water to dilute the strength of the coffee.

The method of brewing determines how bitter your cup of coffee will taste. Long blacks can be quite strong, so if you’re looking for something slightly less strong, try adding a little hot water to your next long black to make it into an Americano or short black. The same goes for a black — if you want something weaker, add hot water.

What is in long black coffee?

What is in long black coffee

“What is in long black coffee?” This is a common question that people might ask when they order their coffee at the cafe. As it turns out, this drink contains a special blend of coffee beans, milk, and sugar that together creates an amazing taste experience.

Towards the end of the 19th century, Englishman Edward Abbot brought coffee to New Zealand after learning about its health benefits. He opened “Abbot’s Coffee Palace” which was the first coffee shop in the country. Later on, Italian immigrants introduced espresso to New Zealand and today, this beverage has become a staple for Kiwis everywhere. It is estimated that 80% of New Zealanders consume espresso regularly.

For the best results, use full-fat milk. Skimmed milk doesn’t work well with a long black, as it won’t produce enough creaminess for you.

Always use fresh beans for your coffee. Grind them just before making the drink, to ensure that you get the very best flavor from them.

The method for preparing this coffee is very simple and quick. You will need an espresso machine to do this and you can either buy an attachment that allows you to make long blacks or find out if your machine has one included in the price when you purchased it. If not, all you need is a special cup that has holes in it to allow the steam through but retain the coffee grounds.

Is a Long Black coffee healthy?

Long Black, Flat White or Cappuccino. Whatever you call it, it’s delicious. Since the beginning of time, people have been enjoying a hot beverage with their morning meal. But is a Long Black coffee healthy?

The main difference between the three is that a Flat White tends to contain more milk than a Long Black and Cappuccino. This means they are more likely to be high in fat and calories than a Long Black. Whilst in general, these options will not damage your health, if you have high cholesterol or are at risk of heart disease, it is worth being aware of how much fat you are consuming.

If you are watching your weight, it is best to stick to drinking black coffee or adding skimmed milk rather than any of the other options on offer as this will help you to keep your calorie intake low.

Do you add sugar or sweeteners? As we all know, excess sugar can put on weight as well as increase your risk of developing type 2 diabetes. Whilst most people opt for sugar-free alternatives such as sweeteners or honey-based syrups like agave nectar – many of these still contain calories that can contribute to weight gain.

Long black coffee also contains antioxidants called polyphenols, which are not present in regular coffee because they tend to be filtered out during processing. Polyphenols fight free radicals in your body which cause cellular damage and aging. 

Drinking long black coffee reduces the risk of certain cancers and cardiovascular diseases, especially strokes and heart attacks. Coffee drinkers have lower rates of developing depression than non-drinkers, although it’s unclear why this may be so; however, some research suggests that it may be due to caffeine’s positive effect on serotonin levels.

How many shots are in a Long Black coffee?

Ok, well firstly, a Long Black has no shots in it. It’s just a name for an Australian espresso-based coffee without milk.

A Long Black is considered a medium-strength coffee. It’s not as strong as a cappuccino or a latte made with espresso shots, but it’s not quite as weak as an Americano either.

The Long Black is often served as an after-dinner drink and can also be used as a substitute for other coffees with milk when no espresso machine is available.

So, if you want to know how many shots are in your Long Black Coffee, then your answer depends on the size of your cup and the size of your shot.

The standard cup size seems to be 180ml (6oz) and an espresso shot is 30ml (1oz). So that means that there are around 4 shots in a Long Black Coffee.

As with anything though, the exact number will vary depending on how tightly you pack your coffee into the filter and how much milk you put into it. So don’t be surprised if you take a sip of yours and find there are 5 or 6 shots in it!

Can you get a Long Black from Starbucks?

Starbucks is known for its great coffee, but you may have noticed there are still no Long blacks on the menu (not to be confused with Long Macchiatos). It turns out that the ‘Long black’ is not a real coffee drink, but a slang term for an Americano. But since I’m guessing many of you have never heard the term ‘Americano’ before, we’ll explain that too!

The Americano and Long Black are both drinks made by adding hot water to espresso. The difference between the two is that a long black uses less water than an Americano, resulting in a stronger drink. So why didn’t Starbucks name it Long Americano?

When Starbucks was first starting out in Seattle in the 1970s, they were competing with local coffee shops that had been serving long blacks for years. To set themselves apart from the competition and make their espresso stand out, they started calling it a “Long Black”. And they stuck with the name ever since!

What Is A Long Black Coffee Called In America?

A long black coffee is a drink that is high in caffeine and taste. This type of coffee is served with a single espresso shot and a larger amount of water than usual. The best thing about this drink is that it has a rich flavor, but no milk or sugar is added to it. It’s also known as the Americano in some regions of the US.

The long black coffee has a strong and bold taste, which makes it very popular among people who prefer to have their coffee without any milk or sugar added to it. For those who are health conscious, this is the perfect choice for you as it doesn’t contain any ingredients that may affect your blood pressure or insulin levels later in life.

 When you order a long black coffee at a cafe, you’re essentially ordering an Americano. It was first made available in Australia during the 1980s and was considered to be the unofficial drink of Italian immigrants living in Australia at that time. It was only after a few years that many Australians started ordering this drink from cafes located throughout the country and even abroad. These days, most cafes are offering their customers the option of ordering an Americano instead of espresso because of its low-price tag.


The best part about a long black is that you can drink it as an anytime brew. It’s also delicious drip by drip so it makes for a fine breakfast pick up and something to keep you going through the afternoon slump. We know that the concept of a long black may be new to you and, if so, we hope we’ve explained how easy and enjoyable this style of coffee is to drink. 

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